The Pro’s and Con’s of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

While purchasing a property is often a huge investment, purchasing a property in another country can perhaps a much bigger and riskier investment. So while you might understand your local property market, and are able to constantly monitor the latest happenings and trends in that market, it is not so easy to do so in the international property market, hence the risk. 

Real Estate lawyer

With all the aforementioned risks involved with investing in a property, it is a safe assumption to make that such risks can often be greatly mitigated by seeking the services of a real estate or property attorney. And in situations where this property is part of a larger portfolio of properties that forms the core of what your business is about, in other words, a property business, then it is vitally important to make sure that the law firm you hire, also has a team of business lawyers, so that you can marry their expertise, with that of the property attorneys, to get the best possible value for your investment.

When considering purchasing property in another country it is important to seek the help of a real estate lawyer.

Perhaps the single most important value a real estate lawyer can bring to your real estate or property business, is the fact that they have likely studied and are well versed in the practice of property law, and are therefore better able to guide you in all legals related matters concerning your property purchases. It will therefore be wise of you to be very careful while making such property purchasing or investment, and ensure that you have the right representation.

Real estate lawyers do not only handle all the admin involved in purchasing your property, but they will also handle all the necessary legal documents that need to be signed in order to make the sale valid. Because of their vast knowledge in such matters, they are likely to be more thorough than a non-legal person will be, and you can therefore trust that you and your business are in safe hands.

Additionally, real estate lawyers can also help you look into the future with regards a possible sale of your soon-to-be-purchased property, which you might want to sell at some point in time. This forward looking and thinking lawyer can therefore make sure that appropriate clauses, are incorporated in any contracts that you sign, to take care of any possible future sale of the property, whether it be for tax or other purposes.

While it is a given that lawyers can often command a rather high price tag, the same can be said of property lawyers, and in their case, because of the huge sums often involved with properties, chances are that a property lawyer is likely to cost even more. But given all the advantages and other value add that they bring to your business, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it will be money very well spent. However, there are of course several tactics you can employ to try and reduce the cost of hiring a lawyer, one of them being to make sure you speak to and compare several lawyers and their fees, and where necessary, “play” them against each other until they are willing to drop their fees to the lowest possible rate, all in a bid to keep you from taking your business to their competitor.